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An Announcement from Threads

In the months since Threads launched, we’ve collected additional feedback from our customers about their experiences with the product. We’ve learned that while there is strong interest in triggered/automated email functionality, customers want it to be integrated into SendGrid’s core platform. After careful consideration of this feedback and the most important problems for us to solve on your behalf, we’ve decided to sunset Threads at the end of 2016.


What are Triggered Emails?

Triggered emails are the new big cheese on campus – simply put, they’re automated emails that get triggered based on specific actions (or inactions) made by a visitor to your website or web app. Unlike traditional email marketing, which is ideal for mass communications, a triggered email allows you to send a hyper-relevant message to a user at the right time – strengthening customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.


Estimating Your Threads Profiles

Estimating how many user profiles you’ll track in Threads is key to understanding our pricing. How many user profiles you track will vary for every business, and depends entirely on how you use Threads. Threads is designed to track users as they interact with your product. You won’t upload your entire email or user list when you start using Threads. Typically the number of profiles you track will grow naturally as people use your product. Here are some guidelines on how to think about the number of profiles you’ll track.

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