A/B Tests and Triggered Email Measurement Stats

Triggered emails are one of the most powerful ways companies can meaningfully engage with their customers and increase marketing ROI. Threads is an extremely flexible and powerful way to engage customers by building workflows and sending triggered emails (e.g. a welcome Series to a new customer).

Today, your triggered emails just got better. We are thrilled to announce two new awesome features to Threads:

  • A/B Tests
  • Email Measurement Stats

A/B Tests

Users now have the ability test different workflow actions and measure performance.

With A/B Tests, you can:

  • Test different options per workflow (e.g. A, B, C, D).
  • Set multiple actions per test option (e.g. send 2 different emails and 1 webhook).

Single Action

  • Mix A/B test actions with single actions (e.g. A/B test a welcome email 5 minutes after signup + send a follow-up email 3 days later).

Threads A/B Tests w/ Single Action

  • Use both Email and Webhook actions within an A/B test (e.g. A/B test a welcome email 5 minutes after signup + post a slack notification to your sales team immediately).

Slack Action

  • View measurements of each test within the workflow.


Email Measurement Stats

With Email Measurement Stats, you can view the opens, clicks, bounces and a spam report for each workflow. These stats are pulled from your SendGrid account and available for both single actions and A/B actions.1 2



We’re excited to share these new features and are confident it will improve the intelligence of your triggered user engagements. Check out our documentation for more info, and please contact us if you have any questions or ideas!

If you have an existing workflow, you’ll need to recreate the workflow to take advantage of this new feature.

2 You need to turn on Tracking in your SendGrid account to track clicks and opens through Threads.