Estimating Your Threads Profiles

Estimating how many user profiles you’ll track in Threads is key to understanding our pricing. How many user profiles you track will vary for every business, and depends entirely on how you use Threads. Threads is designed to track users as they interact with your product. You won’t upload your entire email or user list when you start using Threads. Typically the number of profiles you track will grow naturally as people use your product. Here are some guidelines on how to think about the number of profiles you’ll track.

To make the most of Threads, we encourage tracking every active user of your service. While you might start using Threads for a simple welcome series, most of our users eventually find that they get great return on their investment by implementing more use cases. Already having your active users in Threads makes those new use cases much more effective.

In most cases, as soon as someone signs up or signs in, you’ll save their profile in Threads. This means that in your first month of using Threads, your profiles would be the number of active users you had that month. To allow you to trigger communications based on the entire history of your users’ interaction with your product, Threads will continue storing their profile unless you explicitly delete it. During the second month, your total profiles would be all of those from the prior month plus any *new* active users who had not been active before. And so on.

It is of course possible to track only a portion of your users, if there are specific limited use cases you have in mind. For example, imagine you want to use Threads to try to win back people who cancel your service. Over two weeks, you send them a series of triggered emails encouraging them to return. At the end of those two weeks, you no longer want to track them in Threads. In this case, you’d add users to Threads when they cancel the service, and remove them when they re-join (or when the two weeks has expired). The number of profiles you’d be tracking would be the number of people who are within that two week window at any given time.

Peak Profiles

You can easily see how many active profiles you’re tracking through Threads. Under the Billing tab of your Settings, you’ll see a profile section above your project table. There are two numbers to pay attention to. Peak profiles are the peak number of profiles you tracked during the month and Current profiles are the number of profiles you’re currently tracking. These numbers will differ if you start deleting profiles from your project.

We hope this gives you some idea of how to estimate the number of profiles you’ll track. We encourage you to talk with your developers and marketing team to understand both how you’ll integrate Threads, and the use cases that most make sense for your product.