Sending a Welcome Series with Threads

One of the easiest and most useful ways you can start leveraging Threads triggered emails is a welcome series. A welcome series is a drip email campaign that you send to all of your new users, introducing them to your product, encouraging them to onboard, and increasing their engagement. It’s great for improving conversion and decreasing abandonment. And the best thing is, it’s super easy to do in Threads.

Send Threads a Sign-Up Event

Be sure you’ve already gone through the Threads Getting Started Guide. You need to be successfully sending events and user data to Threads before you can trigger a welcome series. Once you have the basic data flowing, simply add an event to your application to indicate when a new user has signed up. If you’re using the Threads JavaScript library, you could add a line of code like this to your signup confirmation page:

Check out our documentation for more details on how to send events. If you’re using Segment, their docs are great, and if you’d prefer to use our HTTP API, the documentation for that is here.

When you’ve got the signup event set up, go back to the Threads dashboard, sign up with a new account, and make sure the event shows up.

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Create Welcome Email Templates

Next, you need to create the email templates for your series. You can have as many email messages as you want in the series, but three to four is a good number to start with. Go to the “Templates” section of Threads, click “New Template,” and fill in your template content.

Email Templates

Threads templates support Handlebars syntax, so you can include things like your user’s name, and embed conditional logic. To insert a variable, just click the “+ User Trait” button at the top right of the template editor and pick the trait you’d like to include (you’ll only see user traits you have sent Threads, so make sure you send all of the information you want to include when you identify your users).

User Traits

Repeat this process for all of the emails that will be in your series, and be sure to give them descriptive names so you can find them when you build your workflow. I like to use names like “Welcome 1,” “Welcome 2,” and so on, so I can remember the order they’re supposed to go in.

Build a Workflow

Now for the exciting part! The workflow is where you will set up the action that triggers your welcome series, and the emails that it contains. Go to the “Workflows” page of Threads, and click “New Workflow”. Give the workflow a useful name like “New user welcome series.” Under the “Conditions” section, click “+ Condition” and select “Event.”

Create Workflow

Next, select your signup event from the event dropdown. If your event doesn’t show up there, go back and make sure that you’re correctly sending the event to Threads. The menu will only contain events that you have already sent.


Move down to the “Actions” section of the page, click “+ Action,” and select “Send email.” Then select your first email message in the series. Be sure to leave the recipient setting on “Triggering user” and don’t add a delay.

Repeat the process for your second email of the series — click “+ Action” and add an email action for the second message. But this time, click the “+ Delay” button and select how long you’d like the second email delayed. Continue this until you’ve added all of the messages from your series. It’s important to remember that the delays you set are measured from the time the user signed up, not from the time the last message was sent. So if you want your three emails spaced one week apart, set the delay on the second message to 7 days and the delay on the third to 14 days.


When you’re done adding your messages, click “Activate Workflow” and you’re done!


As soon as the workflow is activated, Threads is on the job! Users who sign up will receive your welcome series. You can go back to the Threads workflows page to see statistics on how many users have received messages, and how many messages have been sent.

Of course, this just scratches the surface of what you can do with Threads. Check out our documentation for a ton more info, and please contact us if you have any questions or ideas!

  • Kristian Jordansen

    We use the Sendgrid SignUp widget. Can anyone tell us how to send the Signup event to Threads, to trigger a welcome-email, or a coupon-code?

  • valery

    I have the same question as below. I wonder if it’s possible to trigger an email using SendGrid widget + Thanks!

    • Great question. Unfortunately it is not possible at this time.