Threads by SendGrid is Now Available

It is with great excitement that we’re pleased to announce Threads has graduated to public release.

Triggered emails are one of the most powerful ways companies can meaningfully engage with their customers and increase marketing ROI. Built on top of SendGrid’s best-in-class email delivery service, Threads is an extremely flexible and powerful way to engage customers with triggered emails (e.g. a welcome series to a new customer or an upgrade abandonment campaign to an existing customer).

Threads Workflows


Our beta users have provided the team with invaluable feedback, which has helped us refine Threads; making it a more intuitive user engagement service.

Here’s what’s new to Threads:

  • A/B testing – test different workflow actions and measure performance
  • Email engagement stats – measure your email opens, clicks, bounces, and spam reports
  • Workflow goals – measure custom events to determine the effectiveness of your workflow
  • Template preview and test – preview your email template in real-time and send a test copy to view how it looks across email clients and devices
  • Communication limits – set a limit on how often you communicate with users
  • 24/7 live chat – our global support team is available 24/7/365 via live chat and email
  • Profile deletion – remove user profiles from your project through the Remove API
  • “Send to Slack” action – post Slack messages from your workflows
  • Delay & cancellations for webhooks/Slack – set a delay and cancellation for your webhook and/or Slack actions

With the addition of Threads, SendGrid is your single provider for sending transactional, marketing, and triggered emails to customers. We humbly welcome you to sign up for Threads and begin engaging intelligently with your customers through behavior-driven email.