Use Threads to Send an Account Verification Reminder

Setting up an account verification reminder in Threads is super easy, yet powerful. Here’s an example of how the SendGrid Labs team used Threads to set up a reminder for

Step 1:

Paste the Thread’s JavaScript snippet into the <head></head> of your web app. Replace “XYZ” with your Threads project ID found in the JavaScript snippet on your Dashboard.

Alternatively you can connect your web app to Threads using our Segment integration.

Step 2:

Paste this snippet on the page containing your sign up form or the sign up confirmation page. Replace “12345678” with the user’s userid (you can use the email address if you don’t give users userids), and “” with the user’s email address.

Paste this snippet on the page your users will land on when verifying their email address (again using the real userid and email address).

Now we’re going to setup our workflow to trigger our verification reminder. We’ve already connected our Threads account to SendGrid + setup a Sender Address and email Template.

Step 3 – Workflow Condition:

In this use case we only need 1 condition – ‘Sign Up’.

Workflow Conditions

Step 4 – Workflow Action:

Now that we have our condition defined, we simply need to create a single action of  ‘Send an email’. For, we selected our email template ‘Not Verified Signup +3’ and set it to trigger after 3 days. We also created a cancellation condition for event ‘Verified Account’. This means, if the triggered user verifies his/her account prior 3 days, the triggered email will not send.

Workflow Actions

Step 5:

That’s it! You can either save this workflow as a draft or activate it.

Activate Workflow

Threads Activate Workflow

Advanced Settings

For, we took our workflow a few steps further. We set it up to trigger 2 workflows, one after 3 days and then a followup after 7 days. We could also add a 3rd to trigger immediately after sign up.

Workflow Advanced Actions

We also set up our workflow with a custom measurement goal – “Verified Account”. With a custom measurement goal we can easily track how many of our customers verified their accounts from one of our triggered emails.

Workflow Goals

Check out our documentation for a ton more info, and please contact us if you have any questions or ideas! Our support team is available 24/7 via live chat and email.