What are Triggered Emails?

Triggered emails are the new big cheese on campus – simply put, they’re automated emails that get triggered based on specific actions (or inactions) made by a visitor to your website or web app.

Unlike traditional email marketing, which is ideal for mass communications, a triggered email allows you to send a hyper-relevant message to a user at the right time – strengthening customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Imagine, a user downloads a “Best Practices” guide from your website and 30 seconds later receives a triggered email from you confirming their download. The email lets them know you’re happy they reached out, and asks if they’d like to setup a quick call with a sales rep. You’ve just increased your chances of further engagement because your email was personalized and timely.

Common Triggered Email Campaigns

There are endless opportunities for you to leverage triggered email to connect with your users. Consider what behaviors are particularly meaningful to your business, and then imagine what you’d like to say to that person in real time. Threads can help you make that message happen. Now,while the notion of endless options is awesome, it can also be overwhelming. Here are a few common triggered email campaign ideas to help get you started.


What is it?

A series of messages to welcome new users to your product. Typically 3-4 emails spread over a few days or weeks.

Why do it?

A welcome series reminds users that they signed up for your service and offers helpful information that encourages them to onboard. It can be used to guide them as they get started, highlight key features to check out, encourage upgrading to a higher-tier plan/account, and point them to useful resources. Just as importantly, it’s your opportunity to introduce new users to your brand and make a great first impression–don’t forget to thank them for signing up!

Interested in setting up a welcome series? Find out how


What is it?

A series of messages to encourage a customer to finish a plan upgrade or complete onboarding steps. Typically 3-4 emails spread over a few weeks.

Why do it?

A user who has shown interest in upgrading is a big deal! But sometimes they’ll get distracted after beginning the upgrade process and won’t follow through. An upgrade abandonment series can help re-engage the user and persuade them to finish what they started. The series might start with a reminder of benefits and progress to providing an incentive for upgrading such as bonus features or discounts.


What is it?

A message or series of messages to unverified new users reminding them to verify their account. Typically 1-3 emails spread over a 7-day period.

Why do it?

When a new user signs up for your site, they should be asked to verify their account so you know the new signup is legitimate. But sometimes new users don’t take this step. A verification reminder provides gentle encouragement to follow through with what they’ve started.  For new users who got distracted, it’s a welcome reminder. If a new user is illegitimate or no longer interested, you’ll be able to cull invalid accounts from your product.


What is it?

A series of messages used to encourage a user to come back to your product. Typically 3-4 emails spread over a few weeks.

Why do it?

All businesses lose users over time, but that doesn’t mean they’re all lost forever. It’s worth your time to show them you care and win them back because it’s less expensive than acquiring a net-new user. A win-back series gives you the opportunity to proactively reach out to a user who has downgraded or abandoned your service. You can remind them of  key features of your product, offer assistance or even provide incentives for returning such as bonus features or discounts.

These are just a few engaging campaign examples that you could set up to use triggered email. If you’d like to discuss additional ways to use triggered email simply contact us. We’d love to chat.

Ready to start sending triggered emails?

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